The Party’s Over by Ritzie Williams

The scene cuts have to be sudden and almost resemble changing the channel on the TV.
A man and woman lay on a bed in the middle of a messy room. Alcohol bottles, clothes, drugs, and money can be seen amongst the mess. After a few moments of the camera exploring the room and cutting to close ups the man slowly wakes up. He blacked out the night before so has to be a sort of lost wake up. He looks scanning the room.
The man takes a few heavy gulps of alcohol. Before you see him finish the scene cuts to him walking down the street.
He begins getting up. He sits up and stares at her. She is still asleep.
He is leaning up on a bar. The bartender puts down two drinks. He passes one to her. There is a cut to them dancing closely on a wall. There faces are close as if they’re going to kiss.
He swings his legs off the bed and grabs his pants. While putting his first leg into the pants he sees a golden condom wrapper on the floor.
They barge into the room. They’re kissing like they’ve been dying to get to the bed. It cuts to a close up of him kissing her neck and her head rubbing the back of his head. Then her on top of him with the covers covering up to her back discretely saying she’s riding him.
He puts his final arm sleeve through his shirt and pulls it down. He leans over and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She faintly smiles and adjusts. He stands up and walks out of the scene.
He walks down a hall away from the camera in slow motion as this song plays. He gets to the end of the hall as the song ends.

Up to Date - 12/20/13

Basketball commercials and basketball auditions. I’m tired of being a basketball player. I’m an actor, I want to act. I’ve found a useful source of information on youtube. Wendy Alane Wright Smith has experience as a casting director and very helpful information. I purchased her e-book “Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager.” Hopefully it tells me what I need to know to growing into a successful actor. I know classes must be taken and agents must be acquired but I’m still struggling to uncover it all.

The Doritos Fairy - Spec commercial

This was very fun to shoot and the production team was great. I like the way it ended up turning out. Everyone took turns shooting every part. Apparently I was the best for the scream.

First televised appearance. I was in a Reebok commercial that was shot around August or September. The commercial was titled “Game Recognize Game.” There was a behind the scenes short too - BTS Reebok Basketball “Game Recognize Game” Shoot - I’m no star of it but it was fun working.


What a show! I watched the first two seasons on Netflix in one day. One episode after another, I was locked in.  The story follows Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington. She’s an ex presidential advisor going by the title of “a fixer” and has taken her ability to fix problems to a clientele. The show is amazing and I recommend everyone to see it but I realized something when I watched it. The way shows have to be put together need two forms of goals, a short term and long term. The short term goal is accomplished in a single episode and the long term goal is accomplished through the season. Scandal did an excellent job of demonstrating this and keeping the audience extremely involved.

First Role

As time has progressed I’ve been perusing a career in acting. I’ve been finding some auditions through the website I’ve gone through two actually. I’ve successfully landed both. The first one I was to be an extra at a party. The audition was to dance - not something I expected but I went for it. The second audition was for a street player in a basketball commercial. I was extremely excited to land that role. I don’t want to give out too many details and get in trouble but it was a great experience. I hope I’m able to do more and actually land some work where I’m acting.


This show is amazing! Benedict Cumberbatch, Kahn from Star Trek 2, portrays Sherlock Holmes excellently.  He seems so tall but IMDb says he’s 6’! He’s like the tallest person in the series and I’m half a foot taller than him! I’m hoping its made to look that way, that “Sherlock is larger than life.” He stays well dressed through most of the series: blazer, overcoat, and scarf. Its set in 21st Century London. The setting is beautiful, in my opinion. The weather is definitely colder there than here in California. You’d sweat to death dressing like that here. I would love to play a role like Sherlock Holmes.

Therapy Session

What to do… I want to act. I want to really act, not background extras in music videos. I had to leave my job at the Arclight Cinemas Sherman Oaks because of the change of management. Now I’m supposed to be dedicated fully to acting and should be rising to the top! Unfortunately I’m stuck at the bottom.  I don’t know what to do. I have to live which is proving more difficult than i expected. In terms of work, acting isn’t paying so I’m forced to turn to my study of graphic design. I may have found a serious job through an old professor but I’m worried about it halting my ambition. This leaves me back at what to do now - Desperate acts lead to tragic mistakes so I must continue to be patient. I have landed an audition through but of course it isn’t a paying position. I must practice my craft while still doing graphic design. That’s what I must do.

Acting audition

I’ve been working on my craft and I’m ready! Its time to get an agent but I must have two contrasting monologues ready to perform at all times.  I also want to throw modeling in the mix.  I mean I’m 6’6” and rock a suit like no other.  I do want to work on my body a little more but that takes time.  It should all come together throughout this year.

Monologues and Scenes

So I’ve got some performances coming up for class and I’m really excited! First, I’m performing a scene from “Fool for Love” with another girl in my class.  I’m actually pretty nervous because of the intimacy and relationship the two and I don’t know how much she wants to commit to the part.  Second, I’m working on a series of monologues.  One for class, and at least two for auditioning.  I have to get these down pact because these are how I will be viewed for roles.  I don’t want to be cast as a nerd or a side kick, I want leads.  I’ll probably need to put on some muscle but that’s  also something I want to do.  I’ll probably post some videos of the process on my youtube.